About OHS Team

OHS Team stands out because of its expertise in health and safety management in the construction industry.

The company offers tailor-made support and accompaniment to both general contractors and contractors across Canada.

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Our approach

OHS Team’s approach, based on critical risk management and partnership, has led the company to build a solid reputation.

Our mandate

Our primary mandate is to assist you. Our team of professionals will accompany you in risk management on your sites by adapting to your workers, your managers and your company philosophy. Our priority is the achievement of your goals.

Our mission

OHS Team’s mission is to bring together the largest number of experts in the field of OSH management on construction sites in order to offer you the highest level of expertise at a competitive price.

OHS Team

Our team is made up of experts in health and safety management. We deploy safety officers on construction sites, counselors and coordinators in occupational health and safety on sites across Canada.

Our team is available to answer your questions and plan an assistance that will suit your needs.

François Simard

General Manager & Safety Officer
E-mail : f.simard@agencesst.com

Pierre Cantin

CRIA, Assistant Manager & Safety Officer
E-mail : p.cantin@agencesst.com

Jimmy Bouchard Ph.D.

Operation Manager
E-mail : j.bouchard@agencesst.com

Véronique Vincent

HR & Operations Assistant
E-mail : v.vincent@agencesst.com